December 17, 2012. Angeline Santos (Marian Rivera) went to her husband, Marcel Salcedo (Dennis Trillo), and informed him that she is pregnant. But Marcel did not believe her. And he is also not interested with the baby anymore. He already has a son with Heidi Fernandez (Glaiza De Castro). Angeline was upset by what she heard. She could not believe that Marcel would actually do that to their child. Meanwhile, Heidi contacted her secretary and asked her if she already found the clinic she asked her to find. She got the directions and was happy of what she heard. When Angeline woke up, she found herself lying down inside a room with medical instruments. She was felt so weak. Then she saw a woman gowned and masked. Then Heidi approached her and told her that the procedure would not hurt her because the doctor will give her an anesthesia. Angeline realized that they will abort her baby. She did not want that to happen. Her baby is her only source of strength. She then pushed the doctor and Heidi away. She hurriedly ran outside but Heidi was able to follow her. Heidi punched her and placed directed her to the car. Angeline lost her consciousness. When she regained herself, she asked Heidi why she was doing that to her. Heidi told her that she would only stop if the baby in her tummy would stop breathing. Nobody wants her child; therefore the baby should die. Marcel is already happy with their son.

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