INA KAPATID ANAK DECEMBER 17, 2012 (12.17.12)

December 17, 2012. Recently, Julio Marasigan (Ariel Rivera) his mother-in-law, Yolanda Elizalde (Pillar Pilapil) to the Apolinario’s residence wherein Yolanda was very surprised to see both Theresa and Zach. Yolanda was very happy to see both Theresa Apolinario (Cherry Pie Picache) and Zacharias “Zach” Apolinario (Ronaldo Valdez). Yolanda then knew from Julio that Celine Buenaventura (Kim Chiu) is her granddaughter. Yolanda and Theresa then had a conversation about Julio’s revelation wherein Yolanda confronted Theresa why she did not show inform them about Celine. Yolanda also asked Theresa what would be her next step towards hiding the truth about Celine’s identity to Beatrice Elizalde/Marasigan (Janice De Belen). On the contrary, Theresa begged to Yolanda to give her and Celine a chance to live peacefully. Theresa then shared how she always prayed to live a peaceful life with Celine and her father, Zach. Meanwhile, at the Castillo’s residence, Lourdes “Lulu” Castillo (Mickey Ferriols) was very disturbed wherein she wanted to see Celine badly. This content is owned by WWW.PHNOY.COM Lulu then asked Ethan Castillo’s (Enchong Dee) favor to fetch Celine and bring her at their house so that they could talk for awhile. On the other hand, Celine together with William “Liam” Lagdameo (Xian Lim) were on their way to the Apolinario’s residence when suddenly, Ethan called Liam and tried to convince Celine to visit his mother, Lulu. Without a choice, Celine agreed to visit Lulu even though she did not want to continue pretending to be Ethan’s lover.



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